Anatolijs Venovcevs

Postdoctoral Researcher
Mushroom Archaeology

History, Culture and Communication Studies
Faculty of Humanities

Anatolijs Venovcevs picking mushrooms

I am a contemporary archaeologist with experience in Arctic and sub-Arctic Canada, Norway, and Russia. My current research examines the role of modern ruins (specifically German WWII ruins in northeastern Norway) in creating unique fungal ecologies which in turn generate alternative futures for plants, humans, and non-human animals. As such, I work with citizen science groups, mycologists, historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists to understand human-ruin-fungal relations and how they can inform a more sustainable and biodiverse Anthropocene.

From my previous expertise I worked within contemporary, industrial, and historical archaeology. Specifically, my PhD research focused on 20th century single-industrial towns in the (sub-)Arctic and my MA and early professional career was on 19th century Euro-Canadian sites. However, I have worked on material ranging from the late Stone Age to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, I have experience as an educator, a field archaeologist, and a GIS technician - having helped with student instruction for 15 years, participated and led archaeological fieldwork, and worked as a GIS technician within both archaeology and municipal bureaucracy.

Research interests

  • Contemporary archaeology
  • Conflict archaeology
  • Mycology
  • Arctic archaeology
  • Multi-disciplinary research methods

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