Anna Krzywoszynska

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I am an interdisciplinary environmental social scientist with expertise in agricultural and environmental knowledge, more-than-human research, and public participation in science. My overarching research interest lies in investigating and transforming knowledge-cultures in different settings in order to strengthen sustainable and just relationships between humans and their environments. My current research interests include human-soil relations and knowledge systems, the co-production of soil knowledge between science and society, and the role of local food systems in achieving socio-environmental justice. My work contributes to debates in the interdisciplinary fields of Anthropocene studies and more-than-human scholarship, most recently in relation to care, labor, and relationality. I have published widely in the fields of science and technology studies, environmental humanities, and human geography.

I am currently a Co-Chair of the International Union of Soil Science's Commission 4.5 : Soil Humanities and Social Sciences, a Board Member of the Horizon Europe Mission Soil Deal for Europe, and an Associate Editor of the journal Environmental Humanities. I have also created and continues to lead the, a transdisciplinary community of professional and amateur soil researchers.

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Anna Krzywoszynska

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