Fanny Vainionpää

Fanny Vainionpää

Fanny Vainionpää is postdoctoral researcher in Information Systems, in the INTERACT research unit. In In her PhD thesis she looked into the underlrying reasons for why so few women choose IT careers. On a broader scale, Fanny is interested in social change, design, and culture in the context of IT. Currently she is working on research related to sustainability and technology development and use.

After finishing her Master's degree in the University of Oulu, she started working in the ESR funded LUNO project that aimed to make IT more familiar to upper secondary school students in Oulu. Currently she is working in a follow-up project, TIKO-silta, where the aim is to develop a model for collaboration between secondary and higher education in the context of information processing science.

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Research interests

  • Information Systems, Technology Design and Use, Sustainability, Inclusion, Societal Change

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