Ferhat Kaya

My research into multiple dimensions of mammal evolution emphasizes field and laboratory studies designed to acquire new data on the paleontology, ecomorphology, paleoenvironmental context, and behavior of mostly extinct mammal species including hominids spanning the Neogene of the Old World. I go fieldwork, find mammal fossils and study their evolution over geologic times. I am mainly interested in the evolution and paleobiogeography of the African and Asian mammals. My current research focus areas include the East Africa, Turkey, and Western Mongolia. These areas are excellent places to study mammal adaptation, diversification, biogeography, and community ecology due to their unique geological settings. Additionally, I worked as a teaching assistant, laboratory assistant, and participating lecturer during my employment in Turkey, USA, and Finland between 2003–2020. I gave and participated to the lectures related to paleobiology, human evolution, vertebrate paleontology, paleobiogeography, and paleoecology of the Old World mammals from the Neogene.

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