Gwenaëlle Le Menn

I come from France where I obtain a PhD in cellular and molecular interactions (2018). My PhD was focus on the field of immunometabolism in which I worked with primary T cell, lipid metabolism and transgenic mice model.

My project was to characterize a mouse model of T cell specific overexpression of the transcription factor PPARβ and its effect on the inflammation associated with obesity and septic shock. Known to increase lipid metabolism, the transcription factor PPARβ was used to enhance lipid oxidation in T cell and therefore modifying their metabolism. We then observed the impact in the context of inflammation associated with obesity and septic shock.

I am currently a Postdoctoral researcher in Jane’s Chen team since September 2019. My focus is to decipher the relationship between metabolism and T cell function as well as their impact on the development of inflammatory disease.

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