Janne Alahuhta

Senior Researcher

Faculty of Science


I am a researcher at the Geography Research Unit, University of Oulu. I am a member of Physical Geography Research Group (PGRG), where I lead Macrophyte Biogeography Lab (MBL). I am/have been PI or Co-PI of three research projects "Exploring geographical mismatch between supply and demand of ecosystem services using big and open source data across high latitudes (AccESS)", "Improved geodiversity information in assessing and conserving biodiversity (iGEOBIO)" and "Longitudinal associations between objectively measured and perceived Residential Environmental features, individual Physical Activity behavior patterns and health – population-based Northern Finland Birth Cohort studies 1966 and 1986 (REPACT)". In addition, I am a supervisor in the project "Nature positive North Ostrobothnia".

Research interests

  • Geodiversity-biodiversity-human health relationships, Geodiversity patterns, Biogeography, Macroecology of freshwater organisms, Aquatic plants

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+358 29 448 8061