Jonathan Carruthers-Jones

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My research is focused on understanding the complex issues which surround human-nature interactions and how they relate to the long-term success of conservation, especially in wild places. Methodologically I use a participatory approach, working with a range of in-situ visual and acoustic mapping tools. I am especially interested in how such methods can be integrated in a transdisciplinary way with long-term spatial and ecological data to deal with the growing challenges facing nature conservation. My Marie Curie doctoral work, for example, combined diverse methods to capture knowledge and data on human perceptions of wild spaces and species with ecological habitat data and ecoacoustic surveys. I have continued working on the themes of wilderness conservation and protected areas management, during a number of post-doctoral follow-on projects. In recent years this research has included a focus on walking methods, ecoacoustics, as well as 360° video, at sites in the Scottish Highlands, the French Pyrénées and the Swedish and Finnish Arctic.

Research interests

  • Participatory mapping, ecoacoustics and wilderness conservation

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