Kaisa Harju

Kaisa Harju

Kaisa Harju is a doctoral student in History of Science and Ideas at the University of Oulu. Her thesis Exporting Expertise: Somalia-Finland Tuberculosis Control Support and Training Project, 1980–1990 examines cross-cultural transfer of medical knowledge and practices in the context of the Finnish development co-operation. Harju is also a member of two research projects: Experienced meanings and memories of global citizenship in Finnish development work 1950-2020 (the Kone foundation, 201719); and Mobile healers, politics and development in sub-Saharan Africa 18702000: Transformations, contestations and innovations (Academy of Finland, 2019–2023 ).

Research interests

  • History of medicine and health
  • Development cooperation
  • Christian missions
  • Cultural encounters
  • Material culture

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