Katrin Korkalainen

Ph.D. researcher
Anglo-American literature

Languages and Literature
Faculty of Humanities

I am currently affiliated with two different research and teaching units.

English | Research Unit for Languages and Literature. I am a Ph.D. researcher in English Philology in the Resarch Unit for Languages and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities. My research focuses on the immigrant writer Anzia Yezierska and, in a wider context, on late 19th- and early 20th-century American literature, culture, history, and film. I have a general interest in Anglo-American literature, Imagology (image studies), sensory perceptions, gender perspectives, time and space in literature, cross-cultural studies and identity, and realism. I am an avid reader and closely follow recent trends and developments in the field of literature.

Languages and Communication | TOPIK. I currently work as an English language teacher at the Oulu University Extension School (TOPIK), teaching English for special purposes (ESP). I have always had a research interest in academic writing and language teaching, but in recent years, I have developed an interest in the development of online teaching and digital pedagogics, motivation theory, and assessment and feedback practices.

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Linnanmaa, Snellmania
Yliopistokatu 9
FI-90570 Oulu

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Research Unit for Languages and Literature
English Philology
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