Lauri Lovén

D.Sc. (Tech.)
Postdoctoral researcher
Distributed Artificial Intelligence

Center for Ubiquitous Computing
Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Lauri Lovén

Lauri Lovén, D.Sc.(Tech), is a senior member of IEEE and the coordinator of the Distributed Intelligence strategic research area in the 6G Flagship research program, at the Center for Ubiquitous Computing (UBICOMP), University of Oulu, in Finland. He received his D.Sc. at the university of Oulu in 2021, was with the Distributed Systems Group, TU Wien in 2022, and visited the Integrated Systems Laboratory at the ETH Zürich in 2023. His current research concentrates on edge intelligence, and on the orchestration of resources as well as distributed learning and decision-making in the computing continuum.

Research interests

  • Distributed AI
  • Edge computing
  • Edge intelligence
  • Cognitive computing continuum

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+358 40 594 5859

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Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 3, door E
90570 Oulu

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Office: TS369
P.O Box 4500
FI-90014 University of Oulu