Mamdouh Omran

Post-doctoral researcher
Process Metallurgy

Process Metallurgy
Faculty of Technology


Dr. Mamdouh Omran works as a post-doctoral researcher at Process Metallurgy Research Unit. Dr. Omran obtained his doctoral degree (DSc) from the University of Oulu (22.12.2015) about using the microwave for improving phosphorus removal from high phosphorus iron ore. Since then I have worked on using the microwave technique to treat primary and secondary raw materials. The main research topics include:

  • Understanding the mechanism of microwave interation with materials (i.e. dielecrtic properties measurement).
  • Use microwaves energy as pre-treatment step to improve and modify the surface properties of the materials, in order to enhance valuable metals separation and upgrading (e.g., improve grindability, improve magnetic separation, improve liberation, improve selective flotation)
  • Use microwave energy to recycle the waste materials generating from iron and steelmaking industries (i.e EAF dust, CRC dust, BOF slag, and BFS et.,).
  • Use microwave energy to prepare high quality materials from different industrial by-products (i.e. Ti and Mn slag).

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Mamdouh Omran
Process Metallurgy Research Unit
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