Mirka Hintsanen

My research interests are related to several areas of psychology spanning from personality and developmental psychology to health and work psychology. I began my career by examining associations of work stress with atherosclerosis. Since then I moved to examining personality traits as predictors of health and well-being, development of personality, acute and chronic stress, gene x environment interactions, and intergenerational transmission of psychosocial factors. Currently, I am especially interested in compassion, its development and outcomes. I conduct multidisciplinary research in collaboration with colleagues from different fields like genetics, medicine and psychiatry.

Research interests

  • Personality traits, Compassion, Self-compassion, Stress, Health, Well-being, Mindfulness, Gene-environment interactions

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+358 50 569 5243

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P.O.Box 2000 (Yliopistokatu 9), 90014 University of Oulu, Finland

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