Outi Kanste

PhD, adjunct professor (docent)
University lecturer
Health sciences, health management science

Nursing Science and Health Management
Faculty of Medicine


Leading the research group that is researching social and health care management and leadership, services and staff well-being from the viewpoints of patients, professionals and managers. Research materials are based on surveys, interviews, documents and register-based studies.

Supervising and teaching doctoral candidates and master students.

Responsible person of Master's Degree programme in Health Management Science

Research interests

  • Management and leadership in health and social care: leadership in digital services, digital competence of leaders, leading evidence-based health care, change management, management in crisis and exceptional situations, multidisciplinary management
  • Health and social services: person and patient-centeredness, frequent attenders, leading the development of digital services, leaders’ and professionals’ perceptions of artificial intelligence in services
  • Human resource management: competence/knowledge management, the impact of digitalization on work wellbeing, promotion of wellbeing of professionals and managers

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Phone number

+358 50 433 1988

Visiting address

Aapistie 5A, 2. floor
90230 Oulu

Postal address

Box 5000
90014 University of Oulu