Pantea Keikhosrokiani

Docent, AI-Augmented Systems for Digital Health
Postdoc Researcher, 6G-enabled sustainable society (6GESS)

Empirical Software Engineering in Software, Systems and Services
Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Pantea Keikhosrokiani's research primarily focuses on AI-augmented medical systems and software, aimed at enhancing user experiences and interactions to promote health and well-being. As a member of the 6G-enabled Sustainable Society (6GESS), her research endeavors to integrate innovative technologies to create a data-driven, hyper-connected future society that prioritizes citizen well-being. Her work addresses digital health challenges, improves medical decision-making processes, and delivers personalized user experiences. With a goal of leveraging AI's capabilities to transform healthcare with precision, she aims to develop predictive models and customized medical software solutions. Furthermore, her research on optimizing user-centered design aims to align technological advancements with human needs, thereby enhancing interaction quality between users and digital platforms through intelligent systems. Pantea Keikhosrokiani is also the author of the book Perspectives in the Development of Mobile Medical Information Systems: Life Cycle, Management, Methodological Approach, and Application (Elsevier, 2019) and the editor of Big Data Analytics for Healthcare (Elsevier, 2022).

Research interests

  • AI Systems
  • Medical Software
  • Digital Health
  • Empirical Studies
  • Opinion Mining
  • Behavioral Analytics

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Pantea Keikhosrokiani

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