Pirkko Paananen

Professor of Music Education
music psychology, musical development, musical creativity, music composition and improvisation, music composition pedagogy, musical identity, digital learning environments, musical eco literacy

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Faculty of Education and Psychology

Pirkko Paananen is Professor of Music Education in the University of Oulu, Finland. Professor Paananen’s primary research interests include musical development, musical creativity, music composition and improvisation, collaborative composition, composition pedagogy, digital music learning environments, game-based learning environments, inclusive education as well as musical eco literacy. She has published research articles in journals such as Music Education Research and Musicae Scientiae and has presented the findings of her research at international conferences. She serves as a referee in several scientific journals and conferences, and has been participating in scientific and organizing committees of international conferences.

Research interests

  • Music Education, Musical Development, Musical Creativity, Music Composition and Improvisation, Musical Identity, Digital Learning Environments

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Pirkko Paananen

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