Prem Kumar Seelam

Doc.(Tech.), D.Sc.(Tech.)
Senior Researcher
Heterogeneous catalysis, membrane reactors, reaction engineering, Hydrogen Production, Biomass valorisation

Sustainable Chemistry
Faculty of Technology

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I'm an experienced researcher & docent in chemical process engineering with 8 yrs postdoc & 2 yrs industrial research, development & innovation (RDI) experience in applied catalysis and reaction engineering. I designed & developed many novel catalytic materials and chemical processes for various applications. My core research applications were focused on cleantech solutions i.e., sustainable materials & processes, environmental abatement technologies, clean energy, fuels & chemical intermediates production. I worked on biomass conversion, platform form molecules valorization, hydrogenation, isomerisation, catalytic reforming and hydrogen production, purification, and separation technologies. I'm flexible, social, curious, and a team player with a results-oriented mindset. I have made international research exchange visits to China, Italy, India, Morocco and published over 25 peer-reviewed articles.

Key application areas: chemical process technology and catalysis in hydrogen production & purification, biomass conversion and platform molecules valorisation, waste utilization (CO2, H2 & industrial inorganic side streams), and circular economy approach.

Research interests

  • Applied heterogeneous catalysis
  • Chemical reaction & reactor engineering
  • Hydrogen production
  • Membrane reactors
  • Sustainable chemical processes & catalytic materials
  • Biomass valorisation
  • Methane pyrolysis

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