Raija Halonen

Raija Halonen

Raija Halonen acts as a University Lecturer and Adjunct Professor at ITEE/M3S. Before joining the academic world she worked on information systems both in the public sector and in private IT enterprises. Lately she has studied ICT and social inclusion and ICT-enabled process improvement while continuing research on information systems. She is looking for ways to support people in need of assistance and help with the means of ICT, and she emphasises human approach and human dignity in her research. She has supervised 9 PhD theses and 160 MSc theses (by 2021) in Information Processing Science, and given keynote talks in international conferences and seminars. She has 92 peer-reviewed articles published in international journals or conferences and 5 articles published in non-scientific journals. In LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/raijahalonen

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