Sanna Järvelä

Sanna Järvelä

Sanna Järvelä is a professor in the field of learning and educational technology and a head of the Learning and Educational Technology Research Lab (LET) ( Järvelä and her research group is internationally well known from theoretical advancement of social aspects self-regulated learning (SSRL). Her interdisciplinary research work has strong contribution to the methodological development of process oriented research methods in the field of learning and collaboration and recently applying of multimodal methods in self-regulated learning research. Järvelä is the International Society for Learning Sciences (ISLS) Fellow, she has been invited for the member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters in 2015 and she is the past European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) president. She is the co-Chief editor of International Journal of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (iCSCL), a member of the OECD PISA 2025 ‘Learning in the Digital World’ expert team and co-PI of the Center for Learning and Living with AI (CELLA) funded by Jacobs Foundation. Järvelä is the leader of Profi 7 Hybrid Intelligence research programme at the University of Oulu.


Research interests

  • Self-regulated learning, socially shared regulation in learning, collaborative learning, computer supported collaborative learning, AI in education, adaptive learning technologies, multimodal methods

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Department of Educational Sciences and Teacher Education
Learning and Educational Technology Research Lab (LET)
P.O.BOX 2000,
FIN-90014 University of Oulu