Sanna Varanka

University lecturer

Faculty of Science

I work as a university lecturer in geography and as a directer of the degree program and master's program in geography. As a director of these program's I am, for example, responsible for planning, implementation and quality assurance of these above-mentioned programs.

I'm a teacher and a researcher skilled particularly in physical geography, hydrogeography, data analysis and scientific writing. I have a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree gained in Geography from University of Oulu. I'm specialized in hydrogeography and statistical modelling. I have also pedagogical education and I'm a geography subject teacher. In my teaching I have spezialized in teaching the research methods used in geography.

Special interest:

  • Teaching geography and development of teaching
  • Generic skills
  • Research methods in geography
  • Hydrogeography
  • Inland waters
  • Water quality

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029 448 7851