Shenghong Yang

Ore geology and mineralogy

Oulu Mining School
Faculty of Technology

I received a PhD in economic geology from the University of Hong Kong in 2011, and a professorship in ore geology and mineralogy in 2019. Critical raw materials (CRM) are foundamental to the green transition of industry. In the EU, Finland hosts the highest exploration potential of CRMs. My recent research is focusing on the development of sustainable exploration means Integrating geology, geophysics and geochemistry, in line with the Mineral system approach from large to small scales. The targets mainly include mafic-ultramafic rocks Hosted CRM such as PGM, Co, V, Ti, Ni, Cu, Cr, pegmatite Hosted Li, and black shale Hosted polymetals.


Magmatic ore deposits, Introduction to ore mineralogy, Excursion in ore geology, Regional ore geology of Fennoscandia, Bed rock geology of Fennoscandia, Seminar in ore geology, Exploration and Mining global and local perspective, Isotope geochemistry for economic geologist

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PR 242, Oulu Mining School, University of Oulu, Pentti Kaiteran katu 1, 90570 Oulu