Sonja Lutovac

PhD, Associate Professor (Title of Docent)
Senior research fellow
Identity development in pre-service teacher education

Teachers, Teaching and Educational Communities
Faculty of Education and Psychology

Sonja Lutovac

Sonja Lutovac has expertise in research on training and professional development of future teachers with a focus on future teachers’ professional identity formation and affect-related issues with respect to teaching mathematics. With a narrative-based theoretical and methodological approach, she attempts to find ways of how teacher educators can best support the process of becoming a teacher. Her research interests extend to the field of university pedagogy and themes such as emotions in higher education, coping with student feedback and supervision. Lutovac's recent research evolved around narrative exploration of failure experiences and the ways in which these define and are defined by one's identity (Narrated failures, 2018-2021, Research Council of Finland).

Currently, she is the Co-PI of the projects ‘Unpacking and redefining changing relationships in teachers' work’ (RELA, 2020-2024, Research Council of Finland) and ‘Pre-service teachers navigate teachers’ changing work and its relationality’ (NAVI, 2022–2025, Eudaimonia Institute, UO).

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