Veera Kinnunen

Post doctoral researcher
Environmental humanities

History, Culture and Communication Studies
Faculty of Humanities

I am a sociologist working in the threshold of more-than-human sociology, environmental humanities, and feminist ethics. My research focuses on material culture of everyday life, and recurring themes are our constitutive relations with unruly others such as unwanted ‘stuff’, waste and microbes. My research orientation is ethnographic, meaning that I study phenomena by experiencing and observing and participating in action. Hence, my work has included practices such as carrying hundreds of removal boxes, cleaning dog cages and empty apartments, and composting. Currently, I study an emerging bokashi composting method as an alternative mode of urban waste care. My research orientation keeps me geographically close, but directs to see and experience my proximate surroundings differently. I am in the editorial board of following scientific journals: Sosiologia, Alue ja Ympäristö and Versus online popular science journal.

Veera in the swamp

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