Student exchange services

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Contact your Faculty's International Coordinator on study related matters and International Mobility Services on more general questions.

Exchange coordinators at faculty level

Faculty coordinators are the responsible persons signing OLAs for Erasmus+ students and advise both incoming and outgoing students on academic matters.

Faculty Subject Coordinator's name Email
Humanities All fields Ms Johanna Isoviita
Education and Psychology All fields Mr Karri Hurskainen
Science Biology, Geography, Mathematics, Physics Ms Maria Juntunen
Incoming interns: Ms Outi Kivelä
Technology Ms Marita Puikkonen
Process Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Mining Engineering & Mineral Processing, Geosciences Ms Marita Puikkonen
Oulu School of Architecture Ms Leena Kuorelahti

Incoming students: Ms Varsha Srivastava

Outgoing students: Ms Ulla Lassi

Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine Mr Jari Heikkinen
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Information Processing Science Ms Maiju Ainesmaa-Gabelle
Faculty of Medicine
Dentistry Mr Saujanya Karki
Medical Technology Ms Heta Helakari
Medicine, incoming students Ms Tiina-Mari Murtovaara
Medicine, outgoing students Ms Kaisa Loukusa
Nursing Science and Health Management Ms Heidi Siira
Oulu Business School All fields Ms Elisa Mejías


University of Oulu
Erasmus code: SF OULU01
PIC code: 999844670
OID: E10208661

University level student exchange services


Mailing address: International Mobility Services, Academic Affairs, PO BOX 8000, 90014 University of Oulu, Finland

Street address: Pentti Kaiteran katu 1, 90570 Oulu, Finland

Erasmus Institutional Coordinator: Ms Sari Vähäkangas,