Language Tests and the Language Certificate

The students of the University of Oulu have the opportunity to participate in an English and/or German language CEFR test to acquire a language certificate from the Languages and Communication Unit. The language certificate may be required to be eligible for student exchange programs and the opportunity to study abroad.

General Information

The students of the University of Oulu have the opportunity to participate in an English and/or German language CEFR test to acquire a language certificate from the Languages and Communication Unit.

These tests are for the purpose of participating in student exchange programs. The certificates are created primarily on a University of Oulu template. It is also possible to get a language certificate that is based on language courses completed in the University of Oulu if the exchange university accepts course-based certificates.

The student is responsible for investigating what kind of certificate he or she needs. Be sure to ask your advisor or contact your target university and inquire what they require.

CEFR Exams

In the CEFR exam, four skills areas are tested: reading comprehesion, writing, speaking and listening comprehension. The English CEFR exam will assess skills from the B1, B2 and C1 level. The German CEFR exam will assess A2-C1 levels. Just a reminder here: CEFR = Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The duration of the exam is 3-4 hours depending on the amount of participants.

The CEFR exam which tests four skills areas will cost 80 €. It is also possible to participate in the testing of two skills areas. You may require testing of reading skills and writing skills or you may need testing of your verbal skills and listening comprehension. The two skills test will cost 40 €.

Language exams are arranged three times in the autumn term and three or four times in the spring term.

Register for the exam in Peppi or Tuudo at least three days before the exam. If you miss this registration deadline, the assessor may accept a late registration if it is possible. The exam code and name is: 902178Y CEFR Exam.

Individual teachers cannot provide language exams or language certificates so please do not contact them for these purposes.


28.9.2023 12.00–16.00 Moodle and Zoom
19.10.2023 12.00–16.00 Moodle and Zoom
9.11.2023 12.00–16.00 Moodle and Zoom


11.1.2024 12.00–16.00 Moodle and Zoom
8.2.2024 12.00–16.00 Moodle and Zoom
21.3.2024 12.00–16.00 Moodle and Zoom

18.4.2024 12:00-16:00 Moodle and Zoom

GERMAN CEFR EXAMS are scheduled by appointment only. Inquire by emailing

Language Certificate

The language certificate based on completed courses

A language certificate can be written based on language courses completed at the Languages and Communication Unit of the University of Oulu. This certificate is written based on the CEFR level of the completed course. The level of the course is listed but different skills areas are not differentiated on this certificate.

Verify from the target university or the International Relations advisor of your faculty that this kind of certificate is sufficient. Request for the certificate by emailing using your address and indicate your need for such a certificate. In your email message, list the courses that the certificate should be based on. Enclose your transcript as well. This certificate will be delivered electronically via the UniOulu Sign service. The certificate is free. If you need a printed certificate, indicate this need in your email.

The FiMSIC English language certificate (Finnish Medical Students’ International Committee) English language certificate will be issued free of charge provided the applicant has completed the Medical English course (902155Y). Note: a brief online interview may be required – inquiries:

Other language tests and certificates

It is not possible to complete any other internationally known tests such as IELTS or TOEFL at the University of Oulu.

The University of Oulu no longer provides the YKI (yleinen kielitutkinto) test. You can find information such as places, times and fees about this test from the webpage of the Ministry of Education. See the following link:YKI-testi-sivustolta.

It is however possible to participate in the Valtiohallinon kielitutkinto (VKT) Finnish language test at the University of Oulu. But you must register for this test at the previously mentioned link of the Ministry of Education. They will also create the certificate and send it to you. This VKT test can be arranged once a month. Contact Jukka Käräoja (firstname.lastname at and inquire about the the next possible opportunites. You must pay the test fee in advance to the Ministry of Education. You can find all relevant information such as payment information from their website. Here again is the link: VKT-testi-sivustolta. The delivery time for your results is just over one week.

Admittance to degree programs which are in the Finnish language requires a minimum Finnish language level. Generally speaking this level is B2 which is equivalent to level 4 and the grade of good on the VKT test.