German - Deutsch

In Europe there are more than 100 million native German speakers.

The ancient Central European cultures, local customs and history, together with modern science and art, are intermingled with everyday life in German-speaking countries. For those who know German all this opens a whole new perspective.

A wide range of student exchange choices is available in German-speaking countries for both students and researchers. The diverse variety of disciplines offered provides a chance to gain special knowledge.

Good language skills improve one’s chances when entering today’s labor market. German is an important language in many fields, especially in technology. Germany is one of Finland’s major trading partners and many Finnish companies have production facilities in Central Europe.

German courses

The languages of instruction in the German elementary courses I and II are Finnish and German, which means that the participants must know Finnish well. Sometimes there is a possibility for the bachelor’s and master’s degree students to complete the German elementary courses taught in English at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Please, contact the teacher Ms. Miisa.Tanner(at)

The following courses are taught mainly in Finnish. The course material requires knowledge of Finnish.

The following courses are taught in German. The course material is mainly in German.

These courses are mainly taught in German with German course material.

Contact teachers

Contact teachers: e-mail addresses are formed as follows:

Kaisu Jarde: Elementary Course 1 and 2, Intermediate Course in German for Economic Students, Reading Comprehension in German

Marja Pohjola-Effe: German Business Talk and Correspondence, Intercultural Communication / Tandem German-Finnish, Intensive Course in German Language and Culture

Oliver Jarde: Intermediate Courses 1 - 4, German Business Talk and Correspondence, Trading Partner Germany, Business German