Open, transparent and merit-based recruitment at the University of Oulu

Open, transparent and merit-based recruitment (OTM-R) is a cornerstone of our HRS4R process. Supporting our strategy, recruitment is active and aims at building a top-level staff.

OTM-R policy

According to our strategic development programme, the University of Oulu is a skilful, adaptable, diverse and international community. Active recruitment is one of the key components to ensure that the programme succeeds, requiring our recruitment processes to be effective and of high quality. In addition to our strategy, recruitment activity is guided by the agreement made with the Ministry of Education and Culture. With the HR Excellence in Research acknowledgement awarded to the university, our recruitment commits to the open, transparent and merit-based recruitment principles (OTM-R) of the EU Commission as well as to the principles of responsible assessment of the researcher.

Quality assurance in selection processes

The guiding principle is that all positions are filled through an open and transparent recruitment process and candidates are evaluated based on their merit. Direct recruitment is possible in case it is obvious that a better quality result will not be reached through an open recruitment process and the hired employee has undisputed qualifications for the position. Entry criteria and descriptions for positions in researcher careers have been defined and made available through our website. In addition, the selection process and duties in professor positions are based on section 33 of the Universities Act.

To enable high quality and consistency, the university has recruitment guidelines in place, detailing the processes for different types of recruitment.