Electron microscopy

Biocenter Oulu Electron Microscopy Core Facility provides services and training in various electron microscopy techniques for the analysis of biological specimens. We also offer technical and scientific consultancy on experimental planning and provide training for sample preparation and operation of electron microscopes. With all the techniques EM analysis is optional. We are specialized in IEM and the ultrastructural analysis of gene-modified mouse tissues. Our EM facility is part of the Biocenter Finland biological imaging platform services and a member of Euro-BioImaging as a part of Finnish advanced light microscopy node.
Scanning Electron Microscope


Instrument reservation and service requests

iLab reservation page

If you are a new user, follow these iLab instructions.


Specimen fixation instructions

Contact EM office (room 457B, 48-6145, Ilkka Miinalainen) before starting a new EM project or when collecting type of samples that have not been processed for you before!


  • Every specimen tube must have a specimen number, date and type of the tissue. Also mark whether sample is for IEM or TEM.
  • When you bring the specimens to the EM lab: either leave them on the lab table (488B) with all information or to the cold room (480B) on 4th floor.


Ilkka Miinalainen, Coordinator
tel: +358-(0)294 486145, int. 48-6145
E-mail: ilkka.miinalainen (at) oulu.fi

Specimen preparation laboratory:
Sirpa Kellokumpu, Tarja Piispanen, Päivi Tyni
tel: +358-(0)294 486144, int. 48-6144
E-mail: firstname.lastname (at) oulu.fi

To reach everyone in the EM lab use emcore (at) oulu.fi