Protein biophysical measurement and amino acid analysis

This facility offers expertise and service for the label-free and in solution study of biomolecular interaction, protein conformation and stability analysis, as well as amino acid analysis of proteins and other biological samples. It is equipped with two surface plasmon resonance instruments, one isothermal titration calorimeters, one BioLayer interferometry instrument, one circular dichroism spectropolarimeters, one nanoDSF device, one thermofluor instrument and one HPLC for amino acid analysis.



The equipment and service can be booked in iLab reservation system. The devices are located in room F040A and L041, Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine.


The Oulu BCO core facilities are supported by funding from Biocenter Finland, Biocenter Oulu, the University of Oulu, FBMM, and regional funding. We kindly ask the users to acknowledge this resource whenever publications are being finalised, for example:

"The use of the facilities and expertise of the Biocenter Oulu biophysical protein analysis core facility, a member of Biocenter Finland, is gratefully acknowledged."

In addition we ask the users to inform us whenever such publications have been accepted for publication.

Contact person

Dr. Hongmin Tu
Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
University of Oulu
Aapistie 7B, 90014 Oulu, Finland
tel. +358-(0)294 485821
e-mail: hongmin.tu(at)