Printed Intelligence Infrastructure

Joint research infrastructure of Oulu University, Tampere University, Åbo Akademi and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Printed Intelligence Infrastructure on Finland’s roadmap for research infrastructures 2021-2024.

What is Printed Intelligence Infrastructure?

Printed intelligence infrastructure (PII) is established to provide world-class research and development environment to researchers and technology developers in academy and industry. It offers efficient use and easy access to a modern research and pilot-manufacturing infrastructure covering the whole research/development path from (i) materials via (ii) functional printing, (iii) components and devices to (iv) circuits and systems. PII provides open access services: 1) collaborative research and development, 2) access to infrastructure, 3) design, prototyping, and piloting, 4) characterization and measurement services, and 5) training and education.

Available processes include synthesis on novel materials, formulation of pastes and inks, manufacturing from high-density digital fabrication to large-area roll-to-roll (R2R) processes for hybrid integration, low-voltage thin-film devices and circuitry, and finishing and integration steps to fabricate functional systems for e.g., distributed sensors, internet-of-everything, diagnostics, on-skin electronics, and personalized drug dosing. Services and applications are shared among the collaborating research organization of the PII.