Doctoral graduates from OASIS and their dissertations.
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Doctoral graduates

First name Last name Dissertation Year
Kirsi Halttu Changing behaviours via self-tracking : exploring the effect of psychological differences on system evaluations 2021
Salman Qayyum Mian The social web as an ecosystem of networked improvement communities (NICS) : an interplay of user engagement, technology improvement, and the business opportunities as enablers 2021
Piiastiina Tikka Persuasive user experiences in behaviour change support systems: avoiding bottlenecks along the way to full potential of persuasive technology 2020
Natalia Shevchuk Application of persuasive systems design for adopting green information systems and technologies 2019
Michael Oduor Persuasive software design patterns and user perceptions of behaviour change support systems 2018
Asghar Zeesha Remote activity guidance for the elderly utilizing light projection 2018
Pasi Karppinen Studying user experience of health behavior change support systems : a qualitative approach to individuals’ perceptions of web-based interventions 2016
Jaakko Hyry Designing projected user interfaces as assistive technology for the elderly 2015
Matti Pouke Doctoral dissertation: Augmented virtuality. Transforming real human activity into virtual environments 2015
Ilkka Niskanen Semantic visualization for smart spaces – merging the material and digital worlds 2015
Marja Harjumaa On the Development of Persuasive Systems: A framework for designing and evaluating behavior change support systems and its applicability for e-Health 2014
Agnis Stibe Socially influencing systems: persuading people to engage with publicly displayed Twitter-based systems 2014
Sitwat Langrial Exploring the influence of persuasive reminders and virtual rehearsal on the efficacy of health behavior change support system 2014
Tuomas Lehto The importance of persuasive systems design in enhancing consumers’ perceptions and adoption of health behavior change support systems 2013
Kaisu Juntunen Tieto- ja viestintätekniikan soveltamiseen perustuvat toimintaprosessien uudistukset terveydenhuollossa : sosio-teknis-taloudellinen näkökulma 2012
Katarina Segerståhl Cross-platform functionality in practice : exploring the influence of system composition on user experiences of personal exercise monitoring 2011
Petteri Alahuhta Technologies in mobile terminals enabling ubiquitous services 2010
Teppo Räisänen All for one, one for all: organizational knowledge creation and utilization using a new generation of IT tools 2010
Seppo Pahnila Assessing the usage of personalized web information systems 2006
Mikko Sipponen Designing secure information systems and software: critical evaluation of the existing approaches and a new paradigm 2002