Doctoral Dissertations

Doctoral Dissertations since 2006 under the Centre for Advanced Steels Research (CASR)


  • Isteri V
    Alternative ye’elimite (CSA) cement clinkers from industrial byproducts
    2023 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Koskela A
    Utilisation of lignin-based biocarbon in pyrometallurgical applications
    2023 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Abdelrahim A
    Towards lower CO2 emissions in iron and steelmaking – Hydrogen-assisted reduction and cement-free briquettes
    2023 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Kantanen P
    The role of finely divided retained austenite on the mechanical properties of QP and ART processed novel 0.3C ultrahigh strength steels.
    2023 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Tervo H
    Non-metallic inclusions in steels and their effect on the toughness and ductility. Ultra-high-strength steels and high strength offshore steels
    2023 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Latypova R
    Development and Application of a Tuning-Fork Test in Studying Hydrongen-Induced Fracture in As-Quenched Martensitic Steels
    2022 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Kallio R
    Multidisciplinary study of the beneficiation potential of the Kiviniemi ferrous scandium deposit
    2022 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Wei H
    Experimental and Numerical Studies of Burden Layers at Blast Furnace Charging
    2022 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Tiensuu H
    Modelling the quality of the steel products under challenging measurement conditions
    2022 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Hannula J
    Effect of niobium, molybdenum and boron on the mechanical properties and microstructures of direct quenched ultra-high-strength steels
    2022 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Liu W
    Experimental and numerical analysis of blast furnace drainage
    2022 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Kodukula S
    Ridging in stabilized ferritic stainless steels: the effects of casting and hot-rolling parameters.
    2021 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Haiko O
    Effect of Microstructural Characteristics and Mechanical Properties on the Impact-abrasive and Abrasive Wear Resistance of Ultra- High Strength Steels.
    2021 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Ramesh Babu S
    The onset of martensite and auto-tempering in low-alloy martensitic steels.
    2021 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Vuolio T
    Model-based identification and analysis of hot metal desulphurisation.
    2021 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Laitila J
    Effect of forced weld cooling on high-strength low alloy steels to interpass temperature. 2021 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Gyakwaa F
    Electric arc characterisation and furnace process monitoring with optical emission spectroscopy and image analysis.
    2020 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Pauna H
    Electric arc characterisation and furnace process monitoring with optical emission spectroscopy and image analysis.
    2020 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Juuti T
    The precipitation of Laves phase and its contribution to mechanicalproperties in novel high-Cr ferritic stainless steels.
    2020 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Ali M
    Development of Low-Cost CrNiMoWMnV Ultrahigh-Strength Steel with High Impact Toughness for Advanced Engineering Applications.
    2020 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Kolli S
    Sensitization in austenitic stainless steels. Quantitative prediction considering multicomponent thermodynamic and mass balance effects.
    2020 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Frondelius T
    Development of methods in engine design process.
    2020 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Laukka A
    The effects of microalloying on the scale formation of AISI 304 stainless steel in walking beam furnace conditions
    2020 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Saastamoinen A
    Processing and microstructure of direct-quenched and tempered ultra-high-strength steels
    2020 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Javaheri V
    Design, thermomechanical processing and induction hardening of a new medium-carbon steel microalloyed with niobium.
    2019 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Ramasetti E
    Modelling of Open-eye Formation and Mixing Phenomena in a Gas-stirred Ladle for Different Operating Parameters.
    2019 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Järvenpää A
    Microstructures, mechanical stability and strength of low-temperature reversion-treated AISI 301LN stainless steel under monotonic and dynamic loading.
    2019 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Hietava A
    Electrical behaviour of submerged arc furnace’s charge materials.
    2018 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Anttila S
    Influence of minor elements on some weldability issues of intermediate purity stabilized ferritic stainless steels.
    2018 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Kärnä A
    Modelling of supersonic top lance and the heat-up stage of the CAS-OB process.
    2018 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Alatarvas T
    Evolution of inclusion population in calcium treated ultra-high strength steels. Novel applications of sample data treatment.
    2018 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Pallaspuro S
    On the factors affecting the ductile-brittle transition in as-quenched fully and partially martensitic low-carbon steels.
    2018 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Vuokila A
    CFD modeling of auxiliary fuel injections in the blast furnace tuyere-raceway area.
    2017 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Visuri V-V
    Mathematical Modelling of Chemical Kinetics and Rate Phenomena in the AOD Process.
    2017 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Iljana M
    Iron ore pellet properties under simulated blast furnace conditions. Investigation on reducibility, swelling and softening.
    2017 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Aula M
    Optical emission from electric arc furnaces.
    2016 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Kisko A
    Microstructure and properties of reversion treated low-Ni high-Mn austenitic stainless steels.
    2016 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Haapakangas J
    Coke properties in simulated blast furnace conditions – Investigation on hot strength, chemical reactivity and reaction mechanism.
    2016 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Kaijalainen A
    Effect of microstructure on the mechanical properties and bendability of direct-quenched ultrahigh-strength steels.
    2016 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Sulasalmi P
    Modelling of Slag Emulsification and Slag Reduction in CAS-OB Process.
    016 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Suopajärvi H
    Bioreducer use in blast furnace ironmaking in Finland. Techno-economic assessment and CO2 emission reduction potential.
    2015 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Kemppainen A
    Limiting phenomena related to the use of iron ore pellets in a blast furnace. 2015 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Omran M
    Microwave dephosphorisation of high phosphorus iron ores of the Aswan region, Egypt.
    2015 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Ferreira E
    Model selection in time series machine learning applications.
    2015 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Mehtonen S
    The behavior of stabilized high-chromium ferritic stainless steels in hot deformation.
    2014 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Tamminen S
    Modelling the rejection probability of a quality test consisting of multiple measurements.
    2014 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Kulju T
    Utilization of phenomena-based modeling in unit operation design.
    2014 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Tuovinen L
    From machine learning to learning with machines: demodelling the knowledge discovery process.
    2014 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Heikkinen E-P
    On the role of computational thermodynamics in research and development of AOD and CRC processes.
    2013 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Sorsa A
    Prediction of material properties based on non-destructive Barkhausen noise measurement.
    2013 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Paananen T
    The effect of minor oxide components on reduction of iron ore agglomerates.
    2013 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Ruuska J
    Special measurements and control models for a basic oxygen furnace (BOF). 2012 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Martin D
    Selected heat conduction problems in thermomechanical treatment of steel.
    2011 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Nousiainen O
    Characterization of second-level lead-free BGA interconnections in thermomechanically loaded LTCC/PWB assemblies.
    2010 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Uusipaavalniemi S
    Framework for analyzing and developing information integration: a study on steel industry maintenance service supply chain.
    2009 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Suikkanen P
    Development and processing of low carbon bainitic steel.
    2009 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Koskimäki H
    Using similarity information in industrial applications.
    2009 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Elsilä U
    Knowledge discovery method for deriving conditional probabilities from large datasets. 2007 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Hamada A
    Manufacturing, mechanical properties and corrosion behaviour of high-Mn TWIP steels. 2007 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Laitinen
    Improvement of weld HAZ toughness at low heat input by controlling the distribution of M-A constituents.
    2006 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Juutilainen I
    Modelling of conditional variance and uncertainty using industrial process data. 2006 (Dissertation, pdf)
  • Heino J
    Harjavallan suurteollisuuspuisto teollisen ekosysteemin esimerkkinä kehitettäessä hiiliteräksen ympäristömyönteisyyttä.
    2006 (Dissertation, pdf)

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