Eudaimonia's focus in on human sciences. It supports multi-disciplinary research in the fields of humanities, education, business and human geography. The mission of Eudaimonia is to promote excellence in research in human sciences.


Multi-disciplinary research

Eudaimonia is dedicated to promote and coordinate multi-disciplinary research and doctoral training conducted in the field of human sciences at the University of Oulu.



Eudaimonia forms a community of scientist in human sciences in which all the individual researchers are provided a collegial and supportive environment for carrying out innovative and unique research. Research focuses on important topic areas of science and society and is closely integrated to education.



The relevance of research done in Eudaimonia is ensured by developing domestic and international connections and social interaction, as well as supporting the research and developmental work in interaction with industry, in particular in the area of Northern Finland. Operations are based on effective internal and international multidisciplinary cooperation, which is based on science and co-operation between actors within the university as well as with reference groups and other partners.


Implementation of science

In the dissemination of research findings, Eudaimonia has an active role in applying research to practice, as it pays close attention both to the scientific concerns, ethical issues and communicative concerns of the research done in the University of Oulu.



Eudaimonia’s policies are transparent and the evaluation of the center will be frequent. The aim is to enhance top-level international research in human science research at the University of Oulu.

Last updated: 24.8.2016