Human Sciences Doctoral Programme

The Human Sciences Doctoral Programme offers field specific doctoral training to its doctoral researchers by organizing courses and other activities and events.

Degree programmes

There are 4 doctoral degree programmes under the Doctoral Programme for Human Sciences:

Check the study requirements in your own doctoral degree programme!

HS-DP activities

HS-DP organizes field-specific activities for doctoral researchers. In addition, HS-DP funds doctoral researcher positions through University of Oulu Graduate School.

Field-specific studies in Human Sciences are arranged by HS-DP and by the related Faculties:

  • You can find field-specific courses and other activities organized by HS-DP from the list below (Courses/activities 2024).
  • More field-specific courses can be found from the Peppi's Study guide. Note that you can also include master's level courses to your doctoral degree.
  • You can also attend multidisciplinary activities organized by other doctoral programmes: Human Sciences, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering and Technology and Natural Sciences
  • In addition, national and international doctoral training networks organize field-specific courses. Please discuss with your supervisor(s) and other senior staff members in your research area.

If the field-specific activity is not found from Peppi, you can register credits to Peppi as personal study units.

HS research environment

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