Wood is the new black

Two young entrepreneurs have visited our Lab in week 27.2 - 3.3 and worked on their project of designing and building a wood-framed watch. Emilia Tölli 17 yrs. and Nuutti Liukko 16 yrs. study business subjects and entrepreneurship at Reisjärven kr. opisto - yrittäjyyslinja. They are also working in their own company Momento-kellot Ny together with two other young business enthusiasts. Their company was founded with the help of Nuori Yrittäjyys ry (Young Entrepreneurship). They aim to learn as much as possible about the design and fabrication process in order to materialize their idea about the wood-framed watch. The project started about 6 months ago, and 4 months ago they started the design of the frame. Some of the components have been done at their school in Reisjärvi based on their own design, and some, like the mechanics of the watch, have been bought. In Fab Lab Oulu they have designed and 3D printed a ring for sustaining the components inside the watch. Moreover, they have designed a package box for the watch and used the laser cutter and engraver to build this box. They have all components ready and their estimation is that in a week they will have the first watch ready. They plan to sell the watches via a web store that they will create as part of their business project. They enjoyed working in Fab Lab Oulu and they are thankful for the help given by Fab Lab Oulu staff. "This workpractice in Fab Lab has been very interesting and rewarding experience. We have learned new things and discovered things we did not know existed before coming here. Thank you for this opportunity." - Emilia and Nuutti, Momento kellot Ny.

We wish them success with their idea and company! If you want to get in touch with Momento-kellot visit their website www.momentokellot.fi.

If you have ideas, want to try them out and materialize them in real products, you’re welcome to Fab Lab Oulu.