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Applying for Extended Study Period

Students who have begun their studies after 1st of August, 2005, have a limited study period. Higher education degrees have target durations of study times (read full instructions: University of Oulu students studying for a Bachelor or Master’s degree can apply, if necessary, for an extension to their study time. Study time can only be extended for studies directly related to the degree. 

If a student’s normative degree studies period is coming to its end while the student has not completed the study attainments required for the degree, the student may apply for an extended study period. Extended study period is applied in OSAT system.

If it is likely that a student will not be able to complete their studies within the given study period, they may apply for an extended study period in advance, according to the following conditions:

  • If the right to study expires on the 31st of July, the extension must be applied by the end of April.
  • If the right to study expires on the 31st of December, the extension must be applied by the end of October

Information concerning an individual student’s study rights can be viewed in WebOodi. Applications submitted by the application deadline are processed so that there will be no gap in the student’s right to study. 

    Principles on Extension of study right

    Study time can only be extended for studies directly related to the degree. When granting a study period extension university must also take into consideration the student’s personal life situation which needs to be shown with reliable documents. Extended study periods are granted as full terms. When granted, the minimum extended study period is one term, the maximum extension is three terms.

    1st extension: based on need, however for a maximum of 3 terms (1,5 yrs). 
    Requirement on granted extension is that planned studies will progress at least 15 cr / term and student needs to complete a maximum of half of the degree (Bachelor: 90 cr, Master: 60 cr, medicine: 180 cr, dentistry: 165 cr).   
    Requirement on granted extension is also that studies are planned to be completed within the extended study period. Slower progress is possible if student has any before mentioned, approved grounds on slower progress related to his/her life situation. In such cases the study period will most likely need to be extended for a second time as well. Student’s tutor teacher will follow the study progress.  

    2nd extension: based on the use of 1. extension and need, however a maximum of 2 terms (1 yr).
    Extension is granted if student has completed at least two thirds of the degree (Bachelor: 120 cr, Master: 80 cr, medicine: 240 cr, dentistry: 220 cr). Slower progress is possible as presented above.  Student’s tutor teacher will follow the study progress. 

    3rd and subsequent extension(s): extension is granted for 1 term (6 mo) only if 
    a.    studies have progressed according to the plan and studies student has still left are according to the original graduation plan AND studies left to be completed are the thesis and courses directly related to it (for example research studies, seminar studies, maturity test) 
    b.    grounds related to student’s personal life situation support granting the extended study period 

    Any illness or other difficult circumstances in the applicant’s life during their studies, participation in social activities or international exchange studies or a traineeship, or systematic elite sports training support the decision to grant an extension.  If the studies have progressed according to the original graduation plan, no further reporting is required.

    If the studies have progressed more slowly than intended in the original graduation plan, the applicant must revise the graduation plan. The revised graduation plan shall be assessed according to the same criteria as the original graduation plan. If the only incomplete study attainment is the applying student’s thesis, the student must submit a report on the thesis, and the progress of the thesis shall be monitored on the basis of the report. In addition to this, the University may request that a report be submitted on the progress of the thesis, for instance by the consultant of the thesis. A new extension period cannot be granted if the applicant’s studies have progressed significantly more slowly than intended in the original graduation plan, and the applicant has not presented a satisfactory reason for the delayed progress.

    Attach the following documents to the application

    • Transcript of studies
    • An up-to-date study plan specifying the studies to be completed within a given schedule. The plan must be approved by your PSP advisor or your tutor/study counsellor.
    • A disclosure on the reasons as to why the completion of studies has been delayed must also be attached to the application, along with any relevant attachments relating to these (for example, a medical certificate). 

    Decision on the Extension of Study Right

    The decision on the extension is made by the Education Dean. The decision can be found in the OSAT system. Read more on rectification for negative decision on extension of study right.

    If a student’s right to study has already expired when the extension is applied for or the student has not complied with the application dates, the re-registration fee is 35 Euros.

    Extension of degree studies period based on legal grounds 

    If a student has proof of legal grounds for absence from studies (maternal or paternal leave, voluntary or obligatory military service or equivalent), they should fill in a form entitled “Notification of the Extension of Degree Studies Period” and submit it with the necessary certificates concerning the relevant absences to the their own Academic Affairs Service Team, where the information will be filed in the student records. The form is available at Student Affairs forms page.

    Last updated: 10.8.2020