RPL - learning acquired outside of formal education

Recognition of prior learning acquired outside of formal education

Osaamista voidaan hyväksilukea myös muulla tavoin kuin virallisessa koulutuksessa hankitulla osaamisella. Prior learning acquired outside formal education may come about in non-formal education (continuing education, courses, short workplace programmes or liberal adult education) or informal learning (work experience, positions of trust, hobbies or language skills). The prior learning to be recognised must comply with the learning objectives of the degree curriculum or one of its modules or courses. 

The student must be able to comprehensively describe and prove their prior learning so that it can be assessed. The student must be able also to analyse and give reasons for, how the competence you have acquired relates to the objectives of the course in question. The prior learning acquired by the student is compared with the learning objectives of the courses or modules proposed to be credited. If the prior learning and learning objectives are equivalent, credit transfer can be granted partially or fully. Based on the materials submitted by the student, the decision-maker can grant credit transfer directly for the courses or modules or parts thereof, require the student to provide further evidence of the prior learning, require the student to supplement their prior learning or reject the application. 

The further evidence can include, for example, an essay, presentation (to other students, peer review), interview/oral examination, portfolio and its oral presentation, writing an additional report/self-assessment, a written examination or RPL test.

Required application attachments for RPL acquired outside of formal education (pdf):

  • Approved PSP (if you could not choose the substituted course directly from the electronic PSP).
  • Any relevant documentation to prove equivalent learning (e.g. employment certificate, course certificate, publication, learning diary, confidential post certificate etc.).

Last updated: 14.5.2019