University of Oulu, 2016

Permanent Withdrawal of Study Rights

Students are entitled to renounce their study rights. Requests of withdrawal from a degree programme or main subject shall be submitted to the University using OSAT system. Withdrawal of study rights is binding and after withdrawal the student may no longer continue their studies in that degree programme or main subject. If the student has been admitted to a degree programme consisting of both bachelor's and master's level study right, the student renounces both study rights when renouncing their bachelor's study right in the OSAT system.

A study right can only be regained according to normal student admission procedures.

A student submitting any request for withdrawal shall be considered to have renounced their student right as of the submission date of the request. A student who withdraws their study rights can no longer be a member of the Student Union nor are they entitled to student allowance or other benefits related to student status.  Requests of withdrawal shall be submitted in OSAT system, where the withdrawal is registered in study registry and there the information is sent to the Student Union. 


Last updated: 28.2.2019