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Study Right Reactivation and Passive Register

The study right has begun 1.8.2005 or after

A student can lose their study right for different reasons. According to legislation (University act) a student can lose his/her study right if he/she doesn’t register annually according to the University’s rules. In the University of Oulu Academic Affairs will set registration periods annually and give instructions on how to register as present or absent. A student who fails to register to the University as instructed, will lose their study right. If the student wishes to continue studying, he/she will have to apply for reactivation of study right in OSAT system. If the study right will be readmitted, the student must pay a fee of 35€ for re-registration fee. 

A student studying for a Bachelors or Masters degree will have to attach an updated and approved PSP to the application. Note! If you have not started your studies yet and failed to register as instructed, you don’t need attachments. 

Doctoral students need to check detailed information from UniOGS wepages.

The study right has begun prior to 1.8.2005 (passive register) or the study right concerns post-graduate studies

A degree or doctoral students study right can be declared passive, if the student is not participating in studies actively. Passive register applies to degree students’ study rights that have begun prior to 1.8.2005, and doctoral students’ study rights (licentiate and doctoral studies) regardless when doctoral study right has begun. 

Effects of passive study right to student

Each study right is transferred to passive register separately. If a student has other valid study rights, they will remain active enabling registration to the University, even if one study right is transferred to passive register.

A degree student’s study right is declared passive if the study right in question has begun prior to 1.8.2005 and the student has no study attainments during the past two consecutive academic years.

A doctoral student’s study right is declared passive if the student has no study attainments during the past two consecutive academic years.

Also, if a student has enrolled as absent, or neglected to register to the University for the past two academic years, a study right is declared passive.

The past two academic years refer to the academic year when the check for passive study rights is made, and the academic year before that. E.g. student receives a message notifying of declaration of passive study right during Spring 2020. Study right is marked passive 1.8.2020, if there are no study attainments during 1.8.2018-15.4.2020 and a student has not registered as present.

Transfer to passive register is done separately for each study right. If a student has no other valid study rights, the student’s status in study register will be “deregistered”. Student whose status is removed from register can’t belong to a student union and will not show in statistics. Student is not qualified to receive financial aid for students, nor other benefits related to student status.

Study right is transferred passive at the beginning of an academic year. Students in question are notified of this at the end of previous autumn term. No other reminders will be sent after this. Study right is marked passive by the end of April - however, the effect for study right in question starts at 1.8.

Academic Affairs will give instructions on passive register and how to reactivate study rights. Students who are about to have their study right passivated will be informed by email by the end of the year (December).

General questions related to degree student passive register can be sent to study(at)

Doctoral students who have received a passive register letter should contact University of Oulu Graduate School uniogs(at)

How to prevent transfer to passive register?

You can avoid being transferred to passive register if you have registered as present to the University, and have received study attainments.

Reactivating study right

A transfer to passive register does not cancel the right of study. Students can apply for study right reactivation. Starting from 1.8.2020 applications and updated PSP’s are registered to study information system. If you have not registered as present or absent, you are required to pay re-registration fee when re-registering.

Study right reactivation application is filled in OSAT system.

Bachelor's and Master's students attach a personal study plan (PSP) to the application. Faculty appointed PSP Advisors will assist students on how to make a study plan. If a student is not aware who their PSP Advisor is, the student should contact their Academic Affairs Service Team. A personal study plan is made if it doesn’t exist, or updated if the student is unclear which courses they should take.

Doctoral students If you failed to register: you do not need attachments. Passive register: check the required attachments from UniOGS page

Last updated: 23.3.2020