VALMUSKA - Intelligent lighting and thermal comfort in support of housing and care production for older adults with memory loss

Project description

The aim of the VALMUSKA project is to study the impact of lighting and other retrofit technologies on the life and behavioral symptoms of older adults with memory loss, and to develop and test new, evidence-based and cost-effective solutions for supporting older people living with memory loss at home to reduce the need for care due to behavioral symptoms. Participating cities and companies have a strong will to pilot and develop technologies into service production and to use retrofit equipment to support older people living independently at home. The technologies studied in the project aim to enable people with memory disorders to live at home for as long as possible and to increase the productivity and quality of care services.

In addition to people with memory disorders and their relatives, the project's target groups are companies providing care and housing services, as well as companies developing building automation and well-being technology. The project is carried out in collaboration with cities, research institutes and companies.

In addition to lighting, the retrofit technologies studied in the project are related to e.g. barrier-free housing, and security and activity technologies. The companies participating in the project will have access to pilot environments and a network of partners, in addition to which they will have access to the expertise and research results of leading research groups in the field. 

Project coordinator

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Research partners: VTT, University of Eastern-Finland and University of Oulu
Companies collaborating in the project: Active Life, Seniortek, Innojok, Unikulma, Avico, Fantasiarakenne, Fatman, Greenled ja Oulun palvelusäätiö