11.2.2021 Seminar

Value sensitive analysis in helping to develop behavior change support systems

Date and schdule: April/May 2021 To be defined in more detail later Course outcome:

10.2.2021 Seminar

Sparse Signal Recovery and Bayesian Compressed Sensing

Schedule: to be defined later

10.2.2021 Seminar

Participatory Design, Design Thinking and Innovation for Socio-Technical Systems, Digital Community Infrastructures and Social Change

Date and schedule: Summer 2021-early Autumn 2021, to be defined later Extent: 2 -3 ECTS

10.2.2021 Seminar

Societal impact of behavior change technologies

Schedule and date: In April 2021, to be defined later Workshop related to societal impact of behaviour change technologies.  Organized in Teams and Miro. Duration: 4 x 2h 

5.1.2021 Seminar

An Introduction to Wireless Information and Power Transfer

More information: Assistant Professor Hirley Alves  Description

13.11.2020 Seminar

Coding for Information Networks

27.10.2020 Seminar

Perovskites based Photovoltaics

Course OrganizerDr Syed Ghufran HashmiAssistant ProfessorMicroelectronics Research UnitFaculty of Information Technology &

16.7.2020 Seminar

Digital Addiction and Persuasive Design

Date: 17-19.11.2020 Days: Tue, Wed, & Thu: 14.00-18.00. Hours: 4 hours daily

15.6.2020 Seminar

Modelling, engineering and nanotechnology of perovskite materials used for smart functional devices

Extent: 2ECTS More information: Assistant Prof. Yang Bai

15.6.2020 Seminar

Hyper-parameter Selection with Bayesian Optimization

Schedule (Finnish time): Lecture 1: 01.10.2020 at 14:30-16:00 Lecture 2: 02.10.2020 at 14:30-16:00

19.1.2020 Seminar

5G Optical-wirelessTechnologies

COURSE POSTPONED TO AUTUMN 2020! Lecturer: Assistant prof. Arismar Cerqueira Sodré Junior, National Institute of Telecommunications (Inatel), Brazil

19.1.2020 Seminar

Persuasive Games: Designing Games for Change course

Date: 2, 4 & 9.11.2020 at 14.00-18.00. Hours: 4 hours daily Credit Points: 0.5-2 

19.1.2020 Seminar

Wireless system design and theory with reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS) technology

Time: 24-25.11.2020 at 9:30-12:30 and 13:30-16:30 both days Passing the course: 

19.1.2020 Seminar

Perspectives to the Research on Blockchain

Time and place: 24.2 Tellus Stage at 8am-16pm (lunch break at 12am) 25.2 TS133 at 8am-12am and TS127 at 13am-15pm (lunch break at 12am)

15.10.2019 Seminar

Diffuse optical methods for the diagnosis and imaging of biological tissues

Time and Place:17.10, TS311009:00 - 15:1518.10, TS42909:00 - 11:00 Abstract

8.10.2019 Seminar

Speech & Audio Analysis for Health

Tuesday December 10, lecture hall AT115A, at 12:00-16:00 Wednesday December 11, lecture hall TS101, at 8:00-12:00

8.10.2019 Seminar

2D materials beyond graphene: synthesis and applications

Date: 21-23 October 2019, at 12-14 pm (each day), Place: TS335 Abstract

11.9.2019 Seminar

Motivative automotive systems

Lectures:Wednesday, 30.10.19: 8-12 SÄ126, 12-14 SÄ105 + homeworkThursday, 31.10.19: 8-14 SÄ126

11.9.2019 Seminar

Designing gamified information systems

Lectures:Monday, 28.10.19: 10-14 IT136, 14-16 IT106Tuesday, 29.10.19: 8-14 SÄ126Credit points:

28.6.2019 Seminar

Mathemetical Foundations of Deep Learning

Tue 17.12. at 9-11am and at 13-15pm Wed 18.12. at 9-11am and at 13-15pm Thu 19.12. at 9-11am and at 13-15pm Lecture room: TS128 Abstract