Portable diagnosis and deep tissue monitoring with microwaves

This project focuses on the development of microwave-based technique for deep-tissue diagnosis and monitoring, and combining it with other modalities, such as, optics and acoustics.

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Multiple sources (Spearhead projects of centres for multidisciplinary research)

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University of Oulu

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Microwave–based detection techniques are recently recognized as emerging technology for portable medical monitoring and diagnosis devices since they may enable the development of safe, reliable, low-power and low-cost solutions also for body area communication technology. The main research aim is on the development of deep tissue monitoring for brain area, i.e., detection of strokes, tumors, and other brain abnormalities. Microwave-based techniques will be studied using realistic simulation and emulation models, and the results will be further validated with analytical calculations. Additionally, the benefits of multimodality, e.g. inclusion of optical and ultrasound technology, will be investigated. This multidisciplinary project is conducted as a cooperation with several local, national, and international collaborators having expertise both in engineering and medicine.

Doctoral researcher: Daljeet Singh

Supervisors: Adj. Prof. Mariella Särestöniemi and Associate Prof. Teemu Myllylä