Infotech Oulu Annual Report 2011 - Electronics Materials, Packaging and Reliability Techniques (EMPART)

Professor Heli Jantunen, Microelectronics and Materials Physics Laboratories,
Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Oulu
Research Professor Pentti Karioja, VTT Oulu

heja(at), pentti.karioja(at)

The EMPART research group is a multidisciplinary research unit. Its main activities lie in the electronics materials and devices, and nanotechnology focus areas of the University of Oulu. The group is a key player in the Micro- and Nanotechnology Centre of the University of Oulu, where our overall target is to integrate nanostructures enabling novel functionality of electronic, telecommunication, bio/medical and energy/environmental devices.

The group comprises of specialists in microelectronics, materials, mechanical engineering, measuring techniques, and also in chemistry and physics. The personnel consists of six professors, ten post-doctoral researchers and 15 doctoral students.

The group was funded in 2011 by the University of Oulu, Tekes, EU, Academy of Finland, Nordic Innovation Centre, Scientific Advisory Board for Defense and by domestic and foreign industry. Global research co-operation is a characteristic feature of the EMPART group, having key roles in several EU and other international projects.

In accordance with the long term research targets, we have continued the integration of interdisciplinary topics towards future advanced device and component implementations. In addition, a wide range of application areas utilizing the generic materials knowledge of the group has had great importance from the application point of view.

The group co-operated in 2011 with other Infotech Oulu research groups, being a partner in PrintoCent (Printed Electronics and Optical Measurements Innovation Center) having a printed electronics laboratory. National and international research co-operation included shared projects and publications, and student, researcher and lecturer exchange. The group also acknowledges Finnish and foreign industrial partners for their active participation in research projects.

Materials, components and technologies developed by the group are widely applied in the electronics industry, especially in wireless telecommunication, sensors/actuators and hybrid microelectronics technology. LTCC micromodules and printed electronics devices are important examples of present exploitation, together with recent scientific achievements of nanotechnology with applications. Novel materials, as well as progress in fabrication have been utilized in antennas, sensors, ceramic/polymer integrations, filters, micro-pumps, lens and mirror positioning systems, energy harvesters, optical waveguides etc. The amount of scientific refereed journal publications numbered about 40.



professors & doctors


doctoral students




person years


External Funding



Academy of Finland

239 000

Ministry of Education and Culture

110 000


1 330 000

domestic private

360 000


570 000


2 609 000


Doctoral Theses

Teirikangas M (2011) Advanced 0–3 ceramic polymer composites for high frequency applications. Acta Universitatis Ouluensis. Technica 398.

Rahko M (2011) A qualification tool for component package feasibility in infrastructure products. Acta Universitatis Ouluensis. Technica 407.

Selected Publications

Aitola K, Halme J. Halonen N, Kaskela A, Toivola M, Nasibulin AG, Kordás K, Toth G, Kauppinen EI & Lund PD (2011) Comparison of dye solar cell counter electrodes based on different carbon nanostructures. Thin Solid Films 519(22): 8125-8134.

Ajaikumar S, Ahlkvist J, Larsson W, Shchukarev A, Leino A-R, Kordás K, and Mikkola J-P (2011) Oxidation of alpha-pinene over gold containing bimetallic nanoparticles supported on reducible TiO2 by deposition-precipitation method. Applied Catalysis A-General 392(1-2): 11-18.

Halonen N, Sapi A, Nagy L, Puskas R, Leino A-R, Mäklin J, Kukkola J, Toth G, Wu M-C, Liao H-C,  Su W-F, Shchukarev A, Mikkola J-P, Kukovecz A, Konya Z & Kordás K (2011) Low-temperature growth of multi-walled carbon nanotubes by thermal CVD. Physica Status Solidi b 248(11): 2500-2503.

Heinilehto S, Lappalainen J, Jantunen H & Lantto V (2011) IR-wavelength optical shutter based on ITO/VO2/ITO thin film stack. Journal of Electroceramics 27(1): 7-12.

Herrera VAS, Oladele O, Kordás K, Eränen K, Mikkola J-P, Murzin DY & Salmi T (2011) Sugar hydrogenation over a Ru/C catalyst. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology  86(5): 658-668.

Hsi CH, Chen MY, Jantunen H, Hsu F-C & Lin T-C (2011) Sintering of titanate based dielectrics doped with lithium fluoride and calcium borosilicate glass. Materials Science-Poland 29(1): 29-34. 

Joseph T, Sebastian MT, Jantunen H, Jacob M & Sreemoolanadhan H (2011) Tape casting and dielectric properties of Sr2ZnSi2O7-based ceramic-glass composite for low-temperature co-fired ceramics applications. International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology 8(4): 854-864. 

Kirilin A, Mäki-Arvela P, Kordás K, Leino A-R, Shchukarev A, Boström D, Mikkola J-P, Kustov LM, Salmi T & Murzin DY (2011) Chemo-bio catalyzed synthesis of R-1-phenylethyl acetate over bimetallic PdZn catalysts, lipase, and Ru/Al2O3. Part I. Kinetics and Catalysis 52(1): 72-76.

Kukkola J, Mäklin J, Halonen N, Kyllönen T, Tóth G, Szabó M, Shchukarev A, Mikkola J-P, Jantunen H & Kordás K (2011) Gas sensors based on anodic tungsten oxide. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 153(2): 293-300.

Kumar N,  Mäki-Arvela P,  Yläsalmi T,  Villegas J, Heikkilä T, Leino A-R, Kordas K, Salmi T & Murzin DY (2011) Dimerization of 1-butene in liquid phase reaction: Influence of structure, pore size and acidity of Beta zeolite and MCM-41 mesoporous material. Microporous and mesoporous materials 147(1): 127-134.

Kusema BT, Campo BC, Simakova OA, Leino A-R, Kordás K, Mäki-Arvela P, Salmi T & Murzin DY (2011) Selective oxidation of D-galactose over gold catalysts. ChemCatChem 3: 1789-1798.

Mohl M, Dobo D, Kukovecz A, Konya Z, Kordás K, Wei JQ, Vajtai R & Ajayan PM (2011) Formation of CuPd and CuPt bimetallic nanotubes by galvanic replacement reaction. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115(19): 9403-9409.

Myllymäki S, Huttunen A, Jantunen H, Berg M, and Salonen ET (2011) Measurement method for sensitivity analysis of proximity sensor and sensor antenna integration in a handheld device. Progress In Electromagnetics Research C 20: 255-268.

Myllymäki S, Huttunen A, Palukuru VK, Jantunen H, Berg ME & Salonen ET (2011) Feasibility study of antenna integrated capacitive sensor in operational mobile phone. Progress In Electromagnetics Research C 23: 219-231.

Myllymäki S, Valkonen R,  Holopainen J,  Huttunen A,  Palukuru VK,  Berg M, Jantunen H & Salonen E (2011) Capacitive-sensor-induced losses in 900-, 1800-, and 1900-MHz antennas. IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters 10: 330-333.

Mäklin J,  Halonen N, Toth G, Sapi A, Kukovecz A, Konya Z, Jantunen H,  Mikkola J-P & Kordás K (2011) Thermal diffusivity of aligned multi-walled carbon nanotubes measured by the flash method. Physica Status Solidi b 248(11): 2508-2511.

Nousiainen O, Salmela O, Putaala J & Kangasvieri T (2011) Enhanced thermal fatigue endurance and lifetime prediction of lead-free LGA joints in LTCC modules. Soldering & Surface Mount Technology 23(2): 104–114.

Palukuru V, Sonoda K, Pynttäri V, Hu T, Mäkinen R, Mäntysalo M, Hagberg J & Jantunen H (2011) Inkjet-printed RF structures on BST-polymer composites: an application of a monopole antenna for 2.4 GHz wireless local area network operation. International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology 8(4): 940-946. 

Pertsev N & Tyunina M (2011) Interfacial nanolayers and permittivity of ferroelectric superlattices. Journal of Applied Physics 109(12): 126101.

Piatnitsa V, Kholodnyak D, Fischuk I, Komulainen M, Jantunen H, and Vendik I (2011) Miniature 90 degrees and 180 degrees directional couplers for bluetooth and wlan applications designed as multilayer microwave integrated circuits. Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications 25(2-3): 169-175.

Pursula P, Karttaavi T, Kantanen M, Lamminen A, Holmberg J, Lahdes M, Marttila I, Lahti M, Luukanen A & Vähä-Heikkilä T (2011) 60-GHz millimeter-wave identification reader on 90-nm CMOS and LTCC. IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques  59(4): 1166-1173.

Putaala J, Nousiainen O, Komulainen M,  Kangasvieri T, Jantunen H & Moilanen M (2011) Influence of thermal-cycling-induced failures on the RF performance of ceramic antenna assemblies. IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology 1(9): 1465-1472.

Rajesh S,  Murali KP, Jantunen H & Ratheesh R (2011) The effect of filler on the temperature coefficient of the relative permittivity of PTFE/ceramic composites. Physica B - Condensed Matter 406(22): 4312-4316.

Simakova OA, Kusema BT, Campo BC, Leino A-R,  Kordás K, Pitchon V, Mäki-Arvela P & Murzin DY (2011) Structure sensitivity in L-arabinose oxidation over Au/Al2O3 catalysts. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115(4): 1036-1043. 

Simakova OA, Murzina EV, Mäki-Arvela P, Leino A-R, Campo BC, Kordás K, Willfor SM, Salmi T & Murzin DY (2011) Oxidative dehydrogenation of a biomass derived lignan - Hydroxymatairesinol over heterogeneous gold catalysts. Journal of Catalysis 282(1): 54-64. 

Sobocinski M, Leinonen M, Juuti J & Jantunen H (2011) Monomorph piezoelectric wideband energy harvester integrated into LTCC. Journal of the European Ceramic Society 31(5): 789-794.

Sonoda K, Teirikangas M,  Juuti J, Moriya Y &  Jantunen H (2011) Effect of surface modification on dielectric and magnetic properties of metal powder/polymer nanocomposites. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 323(17): 2281-2286.

Teirikangas M, Juuti J & Jantunen H (2011) Organic-inorganic RF composites with enhanced permittivity by nanoparticle additions. Progress In Electromagnetics Research 115: 147-157.

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Wang M, Hiltunen J, Uusitalo S, Puustinen J, Lappalainen J, Karioja P & Myllylä R (2011) Fabrication of optical inverted-rib waveguides using UV-imprinting. Microelectronic Engineering 88(2): 175-178.

Voutilainen J-V, Häkkinen J & Moilanen M (2011) Solder interconnection failure time estimation based on the embedded precursor behaviour modelling. Microelectronics Reliability 51: 425-436

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Wu MC, Sapi A, Avila A, Szabo M, Hiltunen J, Huuhtanen M, Toth G, Kukovecz A, Konya Z, Keiski R, Su WF, Jantunen H & Kordas K (2011) Enhanced photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanofibers and their flexible composite films: Decomposition of organic dyes and efficient H2 generation from ethanol-water mixtures. Nano Research 4(4): 360-369.

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