Infotech Oulu Annual Report 2012 - Electronics Materials, Packaging and Reliability Techniques (EMPART)

Professor Heli Jantunen, Microelectronics and Materials Physics Laboratories,
Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Oulu
Research Professor Pentti Karioja, VTT Oulu

heja(at), pentti.karioja(at)

The EMPART research group is a multidisciplinary research unit. Its main activities lie in the electronics materials and devices, and nanotechnology focus areas of the University of Oulu. The group is a key player in the Center of Microscopy and Nanotechnology of the University of Oulu, where our overall target is to integrate nanostructures enabling novel functionality of electronic, telecommunication, bio/medical and energy/environmental devices.

The group comprises of specialists in microelectronics and nanoelectronics materials, mechanical engineering, measuring techniques, and also in chemistry and physics. The personnel consists of six professors, eleven post-doctoral researchers and 21 doctoral students.

The group was funded in 2012 by the University of Oulu, a European Research Council Advanced Grant to Professor Heli Jantunen, Tekes, the EU, the Academy of Finland, ERA.Net, and by domestic and foreign industry. Global research co-operation is a characteristic feature of the EMPART group, having key roles in several EU and other international projects.

In accordance with the long term research targets, we have continued the integration of interdisciplinary topics towards future advanced device and component implementations. In addition, a wide range of application areas utilizing the generic materials knowledge of the group have had great importance from the application point of view.

The group co-operated in 2012 with other Infotech Oulu research groups, as a partner in PrintoCent (Printed Electronics and Optical Measurements Innovation Center) having an printed electronics laboratory. National and international research co-operation included common projects and publications, and student, researcher and lecturer exchange. The group also acknowledges Finnish and foreign industrial partners for their active participation in research projects.

Materials, components and technologies developed by the group are widely applied in the electronics industry, especially in wireless telecommunication, sensors/actuators and hybrid microelectronics technology. LTCC micro modules and printed electronics devices are important examples of present exploitation, together with recent scientific achievements in nanotechnology with applications. Novel materials, as well as our progress in fabrication have been utilized in antennas, sensors, ceramic/polymer integrations, filters, micro-pumps, lens and mirror positioning systems, energy harvesters, optical waveguides etc. The number of scientific refereed journal publications was about 40.


professors, doctors


doctoral students






person years



External Funding



Academy of Finland

187 000

Ministry of Education and Culture

90 000


1 120 000

domestic private

410 000


733 000


2 540 000


Doctoral Theses

Myllymäki S (2012) Capacitive antenna sensor for user proximity recognition. Acta Universitatis Ouluensis. Technica C 429.

Selected Publications

Bur C, Reimann P, Andersson M, Schutze A & Lloyd Spetz A (2012) Increasing the selectivity of Pt-gate SiC field effect gas sensors by dynamic temperature modulation. IEEE Sensors Journal 12(6): 1906-1913. 

Hagberg J, Dunce M, Birks E, Antonova M & Sternberg A (2012) Electrocaloric effect in Na1/2Bi1/2TiO3-SrTiO3-PbTiO3 solid solutions. Ferroelectrics 428(1): 20-26.

Huttunen A, Berg M, Myllymäki S, Jantunen H & Salonen E (2012) Capacitive sensing of antenna loading with an R-C voltage divider in a tunable antenna. Sensors Journal, IEEE 13(2): 849-853. 

Juntunen E, Sitomaniemi A, Tapaninen O, Persons R, Challingsworth M & Heikkinen V (2012) Thermal performance comparison of thick-film insulated aluminum substrates with metal core PCBs for high-power LED modules. IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology 2(12): 1957-1964.

Kukkola J, Mohl M, Leino A-R, Tóth G, Wu M-C, Shchukarev A, Popov A, Mikkola J-P, Lauri J, Riihimäki M, Lappalainen J, Jantunen H & Kordás K (2012) Inkjet-printed gas sensors: Metal decorated WO3 nanoparticles and their gas sensing properties. Journal of Materials Chemistry 22(34): 17878-17886.  

Kumar N, Mäki-Arvela P, Yläsalmi T, Villegas J, Heikkilä T, Leino A-R, Kordás K, Salmi T & Murzin DY (2012) Dimerization of 1-butene in liquid phase reaction: Influence of structure, pore size and acidity of Beta zeolite and MCM-41 mesoporous material. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 147(1): 127-134.

Lloyd Spetz A, Huotari J, Bura C, Lappalainen J, Jantunen H, Schützec A & Andersson M (2012) Chemical sensor systems for emission control from combustions. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, October,, 7 p.

Moussa R, Palukuru VK, Sowpati AK, Essaaidi M, Jantunen H & Aghoutane M (2012) Tri-bandpass filter based on two stepped impedance resonators. Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 54(7): 1765-1768.

Myllymäki S & Berg M (2012) Sensing the human user as a part of multiple-antenna system design. [Wireless corner]. Antennas and Propagation Magazine, IEEE 54(5): 231-237. 

Myllymäki S (2012) Cooperative learning in lectures of an advanced electrical engineering course. International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education 49(2): 146-156. 

Mäkinen JT, Heikkinen M, Hiltunen M, Koponen M, Lahti M, Sunnari A & Rönka K (2012) Hot laminated multilayer polymer illumination structure based on embedded LED chips. IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology 2(12): 1965-1972.

Narkilahti J & Tyunina M (2012) The structure of strained perovskite KTaO3 thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 24(32): 3259011. 

Nelo M, Sowpati AK, Palukuru VK, Juuti J & Jantunen H (2012) Utilization of screen printed low curing temperature cobalt nanoparticle ink for miniaturization of patch antennas. Progress In Electromagnetics Research 127: 427-444.

Niittynen J, Kiilunen J, Putaala J, Pekkanen V, Mäntysalo M, Jantunen H & Lupo D (2012) Reliability of ICA attachment of SMDs on inkjet-printed substrates. Microelectronics Reliability 52(11): 2709-2715.

Oja R, Tyunina M, Yao L, Pinomaa T, Kocourek T, Dejneka A, Stupakov O, Jelinek M, Trepakov V, van Dijken S & Nieminen RM (2012) d(0) ferromagnetic interface between nonmagnetic perovskites. Physical Review Letters 109(12): 127207. 

Palosaari J, Leinonen M, Hannu J, Juuti J & Jantunen H (2012) Energy harvesting with a cymbal type piezoelectric transducer from low frequency compression. Journal of Electroceramics 28(4): 214-219.

Palukuru V, Peräntie J, Jäntti J & Jantunen H (2012) Tunable microwave phase shifters using LTCC technology with integrated BST thick films. International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology 9(1): 11-17.  

Pearce SJ, Charlton MDB, Hiltunen J, Puustinen J, Lappalainen, J & Wilkinson JS (2012) Structural characteristics and optical properties of plasma assisted reactive magnetron sputtered dielectric thin films for planar waveguiding applications. Surface & Coatings Technology 206(23): 4930-4939. 

Peräntie J, Hagberg J, Uusimäki A, Tian J & Han P (2012) Characteristics of electric-field-induced polarization rotation in <001> -poled Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 single crystals close to the morphotropic phase boundary. Journal of Applied Physics 112: 034117. 

Rajesh S, Jantunen H, Letz M & Pichler-Willhelm S (2012) Low temperature sintering and dielectric properties of alumina-filled glass composites for LTCC applications. International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology 9(1): 52-59.

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