Infotech Oulu Annual Report 2013 - Electronics Materials, Packaging and Reliability Techniques (EMPART)

Professor Heli Jantunen, Microelectronics and Materials Physics Laboratories,
Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Oulu
Research Professor Pentti Karioja, VTT Oulu

heja(at), pentti.karioja(at)

The EMPART research group is a multidisciplinary research unit. Its main activities lie in the electronics materials and devices, and nanotechnology focus areas of the University of Oulu. The group is a key player in the Center of Microscopy and Nanotechnology of the University of Oulu, where our overall target is to integrate nanostructures enabling novel functionality of electronic, telecommunication, bio/medical and energy/environmental devices.

The group comprises of specialists in microelectronic and nanoelectronic materials, mechanical engineering, measuring techniques, and also in chemistry and physics. The personnel consists of six professors, twelve post-doctoral researchers and 20 doctoral students.

The group was funded in 2013 by the University of Oulu, a European Research Council Advanced Grant to Professor Heli Jantunen, Tekes, the EU, the Academy of Finland, ERA.Net, and by domestic and foreign industry. Global research co-operation is a characteristic feature of the EMPART group, having key roles in several EU and other international projects.

In accordance with the long term research targets, we have continued the integration of interdisciplinary topics towards future advanced device and component implementations. In addition, a wide range of application areas utilizing the generic materials knowledge of the group have been of great importance from the application point of view. In 2013, the group leader Professor Jantunen was appointed as a Member of the World Academy of Ceramics (WAC) in recognition of her eminence in promoting progress in the field of ceramics science and technology.

The group co-operated in 2013 with other Infotech Oulu research groups as a partner in PrintoCent (Printed Electronics and Optical Measurements Innovation Center) having a printed electronics laboratory. National and international research co-operation included common projects and publications, and student, researcher and lecturer exchanges. The group also acknowledges Finnish and foreign industrial partners for their active participation in research projects.

Materials, components and technologies developed by the group are widely applied in the electronics industry, especially in wireless telecommunication, sensors/actuators and hybrid microelectronics technology. LTCC micro modules and printed electronics devices are important examples of present exploitation, together with recent scientific achievements in nanotechnology with applications. Novel materials, as well as our progress in fabrication have been utilized in antennas, sensors, ceramic/polymer integrations, filters, micro-pumps, lens and mirror positioning systems, energy harvesters etc. The number of scientific refereed journal publications was about 45.


professors, doctors


doctoral students






person years


External Funding



Academy of Finland

125 000

Ministry of Education and Culture

120 000


994 000

domestic private

439 000


893 000


2 571 000

Doctoral Theses

Kukkola J (2013) Gas sensors based on nanostructured tungsten oxides. Acta Universitatis Ouluensis. Technica C 462.

Halonen N (2013) Synthesis and applications of macroscopic well-aligned multi-walled carbon nanotube films. Acta Universitatis Ouluensis. Technica C 467.

Selected Publications

Trunina NA, Darvin ME, Kordás K, Sarkar A, Mikkola J-P, Lademann J, Meinke MC, Myllylä R, Tuchin VV & Popov AP (2013) Monitoring of TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticle penetration into enamel and dentine of human tooth in vitro and assessment of their photocatalytic ability. IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 20(3): 7300108.

Myllymäki S (2013) Incorporation of continuous student assessment into lectures in engineering education. European Journal of Engineering Education 38(4): 385-393.

Gemo N, Biasi P, Canu P, Menegazzo F, Pinna F, Samikannu A, Kordás K, Salmi TO & Mikkola J-P (2013) Reactivity aspects of SBA15-based doped supported catalysts: H2O2 direct synthesis and disproportionation reactions. Topics in Catalysis 56(9-10): 540-549.

Kumar N, Mäki-Arvela P, Diáz SF, Aho A, Demidova Y, Linden J, Shepidchenko A, Tenhu M, Salonen J, Laukkanen P, Lashkul A, Dahl J, Sinev I & Leino A-R (2013) Isomerization of α-pinene oxide over iron-modified zeolites. Topics in Catalysis 56(9-10): 696–713.

Bawuaha P, Silfstena P, Sarkarb A, Kordás K, Mikko J-P & Peiponen K-E (2013) On the complex refractive index of N-doped TiO2 nanospheres and nanowires in the terahertz spectral region. Vibrational Spectroscopy 68: 241–245.

Leino E, Kumar N, Mäki-Arvela P, Aho A, Kordás K, Leino A-R, Shchukarev A, Murzin DY & Mikkola J-P (2013) Influence of the synthesis parameters on the physico-chemical and catalytic properties of cerium oxide for application in the synthesis of diethyl carbonate. Materials Chemistry and Physics 143(1): 65-75.

Puustinen J, Lappalainen J, Hiltunen J & Hiltunen M (2013) Surface nanostructure effects on optical properties of Pb(ZrxTi1−x)O3 thin films. Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing DOI: 10.1007/s00339-013-8138-9.

Kordás K, Kukkola J, Tóth G, Jantunen H, Szabó M, Sápi A, Kukovecz Á, Kónya Z & Mikkola J-P (2013) Nanoparticle dispersions. In: Springer Handbook of Nanomaterials, 1st ed. (Ed. Robert Vajtai) Springer-Verlag, 729-776.

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Lynnyk A, Chvostova D, Pacherova O, Kocourek T, Jelinek M, Dejneka A & Tyunina M (2013) Optical properties of epitaxial relaxor ferroelectric PbSc0.5Nb0.5O3 films. Applied Physics Letters 103: 132901.

Peräntie J, Tailor HN, Hagberg J, Jantunen H & Ye Z-G (2013) Electrocaloric properties in relaxor ferroelectric (1−x)Pb
(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3–xPbTiO3 system. Journal of Applied Physics 114(17): 174105.

Huotari J, Lappalainen J, Puustinen J & Lloyd Spetz A (2013) Gas sensing properties of pulsed laser deposited vanadium oxide thin films with various crystal structures. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 187: 386-394.

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Kukkola J, Mohl M, Leino A-R, Mäklin J, Halonen N, Shchukarev A, Konya Z, Jantunen H & Kordás K (2013) Room temperature hydrogen sensors based on metal decorated WO3 nanowires. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 186: 90-95.

Halonen N, Mäklin J, Rautio A-R, Kukkola J, Uusimäki A, Tóth G, Reddy LM, Vajtai R, Ajayan PM & Kordás K (2013) Thin micropatterned multi-walled carbon nanotube films for electrodes. Chemical Physics Letters 583(17): 87-91.

Tuhkala M, Juuti J & Jantunen H (2013) Method to characterize dielectric properties of powdery substances. Journal of Applied Physics 114: 014108.

Bukhanko N, Samikannu A, Larsson W, Shchukarev A, Leino A-R, Kordás K, Wärnå J & Mikkola J-P (2013) Continuous gas-phase synthesis of 1-ethyl chloride from ethyl alcohol and hydrochloric acid over Al2O3-based catalysts: the “green” route. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 1(8): 883-893.

Nelo M, Sloma M, Kelloniemi J, Puustinen J, Saikkonen T, Juuti J, Häkkinen J, Jakubowska M & Jantunen H (2013) Inkjet-printed memristor: printing process development. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 52(5): UNSP 05DB21.

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