Infotech Oulu Annual Report 2014 - Events

Infotech Day

Infotech Day was organized in September. Keynote speakers were President of the Academy of Finland Professor Heikki Mannila, and Jouni Ihme from Innomentarium Inc. There were several presentations from Infotech Oulu research groups on their ICT research in medical technology.

Professor Jussi Paakkari, Head of Communication Systems R&D at VTT, opened the Infotech Day as the Chair of the event.


Professor Heikki Mannila, President of the Academy of Finland: “The role of ICT research in Finnish universities”.


Jouni Ihme, Innomentarium Inc.: “Innovation ecosystem for health and wellbeing”.


Professor Seppo Vainio, Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems Group: "Novel biosensor development strategies via combination of bio & ICT".


Professor Tapio Seppänen, Biomedical Engineering Research Group: “Biomedical signal processing applications”.


Professor Janne Heikkilä, Center for Machine Vision Research: “Computer vision in biological image analysis”.


Professor Jari Iinatti, Communications Signal Processing Research Group: “Wireless Medical Communication (WiMeC) – Research in CWC and some future aspects”.


Senior Research Fellow Matti Kinnunen, New Generation Optoelectronics for Measurement Applications Research Group: “Applications of gold nanostars in biomedical imaging”.






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