Infotech Oulu Doctoral Program - Main Areas


Electronics section consists of electronic circuit and system design, microelectronics, electronics manufacturing technology, physical electronics, electronic and optoelectronic measurement technology, and testing and disturbance techniques of electronics.

Communications engineering

Communications engineering covers telecommunication systems from the architectures and implementations of transceiver to telecommunication networks, systems and services. The main research themes include broadband wireless access, short range communications and sensor networks.

Computer science and engineering

This section emphasizes information processing technology and it's applications. The topics include signal processing, machine vision, machine learning, intelligent systems, the development of software applications and their functionality, human-computer interfaces, ubiquitous environments, computer networks, mobile services, digital media, virtual reality techniques and biomedical engineering.

Software engineering and information systems

This section includes research themes on software engineering and information systems. The topics include, e.g., software processes, requirements engineering, software and system architectures, software testing, global software development, software and data intensive systems and services, human-computer interaction, participatory design, user-centered design, persuasive systems design, usability, social web, value co-creation, user driven innovation, customer engagement, ubiquitous environments, digital media, health informatics, behavior change support systems, and computer-supported cooperative work.


Last updated: 22.6.2016