Photonic integration and nanophotonics

Monday, March 18, 2013 to Friday, March 22, 2013


Infotech Oulu Doctoral Program

Photonic integration and nanophotonics

Electronics laboratory organizes a post graduate course on OPTOELECTRONICS during 18th - 22nd of March 2013 (Monday - Friday). The course topic is Photonic integration and nanophotonics, a more detailed course program below.  The lectures of the course will be given by  

Dr. Eugene Avrutin, University of York, Dept. of Electronics, UK.

Those willing to participate, please send an email to Juha Kostamovaara ( by Thursday the 28th of February. The course will start on Monday the 18th of March (note the corrected date)  at 9.15 o´clock in the seminar room TS107.

Course Program

  • Overview/revision of photonic components.
  • Miniaturisation in photonics: the need and the challenges. Applications of integrated and miniaturised photonics: green/energy saving interconnects, laboratory on chip, etc.
  • Monolithic and hybrid integration. Technological problems and solutions
  • The three main methods of miniaturisation of photonic components:
    • Photonic nanowires and devices based on photonic nanowires. Silicon on silica and III-V implementation
    • Photonic crystals. 1D, 2D, and 3D geometries. Modal picture, polarisaiton challenges, device applications and prospects
    • Plasmonics and metamaterials: the physics, the promise, the advantages and the challenges.
  • Semiconductor nanostructures in photonics.
  • Quantum wells: the physics and the optical properties.
  • Quantim dashes and wires
  • Quantum dots.
  • Applications in lasers, including short pulse generators, laser amplifiers, and photodetectors. 
  • Multiple quantum wells and superlattices. Intersubband photonics.Quantum Cascade Lasers: the triumph of nanophotonic design.
  • Quantum dots in a photonic nanostructure: the ultimate nanophotonics.
  • Possible future directions.

More information: Juha Kostamovaara

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