Computed tomography - from basic research to medical and industrial applications

Samuli Siltanen, Mika Kortesniemi, Alexander Winkler, Mikael Juntunen, Satu Inkinen, Mikko Finnilä, Andreas Hauptmann
1.11.2021 08:15 to 12.11.2021 12:00
Online in Zoom/Moodle

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Responsible person: Miika Nieminen, professor
2 ECTS credits, 54 hours of work

Learning objectives and contents
The course acquaints doctoral students and other interested professionals to the technology of computed tomography in research, biomedical, medical and industry applications. Aspects in hardware and image reconstruction will be covered. Applications of these technologies will be widely discussed.


  • Basic theory and applications
  • Applications of tomography
  • Written assignments (mandatory)
    • Written report on one of the areas of CT (algorithms, uCT, industrial, or medical)
    • E-poster preparation based on the above written report
  • Physics/Algorithms demo (mandatory)
  • Expert sessions/QA and poster presentation (mandatory, students will attend at least two sessions)
  • Moodle exam (mandatory)

Please notice lectures will not be recorded.

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