Digital Soapboxes: Towards an Interaction Design Agenda for Situated Civic Innovation

14.11.2014 14:15


Infotech Oulu Lecture Series

Time: Friday 14.11.2014 at 14:15-15:00;

Place: L10;

Title: Digital Soapboxes: Towards an Interaction Design Agenda for Situated Civic Innovation

Abstract: In this talk, I argue that there are at least two significant issues for interaction designers to consider when creating the next generation of human interfaces for civic and urban engagement: (1) The disconnect between citizens participating in either digital or physical realms has resulted in a neglect of the hybrid role that public place and situated technology can play in contributing to civic innovation. (2) Under the veneer of many social media tools, hardly any meaningful strategies or approaches are found that go beyond awareness raising and allow citizens to do more than clicking a "Like" button. The talk calls for an agenda to design the next generation of "digital soapboxes" that contributes towards a new form of polity helping citizens not only to have a voice but also to appropriate their city in order to take action for change.

Bio: Professor Marcus Foth is founder and director of the Urban Informatics Research Lab, and Professor in Interactive and Visual Design in the School of Design, Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology. Marcus’ research focuses on the relationships between people, place and technology. He leads a cross-disciplinary team that develops practical approaches to complex urban problems. He adopts human-computer interaction and design methodologies to build engagement around emerging issues facing our cities. Marcus’ recent work has examined: Urban planning – new approaches to community participation and engagement Environmental sustainability – new strategies for energy monitoring in domestic settings Food futures – new ideas to re-think eating, cooking and growing food in the city Collaboration and co-working spaces – new aspirations for libraries in the 21st century.

Marcus has received over $4 million in national competitive grants and industry funding. He received a Queensland Young Tall Poppy Science Award 2013, and was inducted by the planning, design and development site Planetizen to the world’s top 25 leading thinkers and innovators in the field of urban planning and technology. Marcus has authored and co-authored over 120 publications in journals, edited books, and conference proceedings. He is the editor of the Handbook of Research on Urban Informatics (IGI 2009), co-author of Action Research and New Media (Hampton Press 2009), co-editor of From Social Butterfly to Engaged Citizen (MIT Press 2011), and co-editor of Eat, Cook, Grow: Mixing Human-Computer Interactions with Human-Food Interactions (MIT Press 2014). He was the co-chair of the Oxford Internet Institute’s Summer Doctoral Programme 2009, conference chair of OZCHI 2009 and the 5th International Conference on Communities and
Technologies (C&T) 2011.

Marcus has been invited to give presentations at leading research institutions, including MIT, Harvard, Emerson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Tsinghua University, University of Oxford, University of Manchester, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, University of Oulu, IT University of Copenhagen, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

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