Intensive Course: Wireless Machine­‐to‐Machine (M2M) Communications

Thursday, February 12, 2015 to Friday, February 13, 2015

Lecturer: Professor Petar Popovski, Aalborg University, Denmark

Time and Venue:


Technoeconomic forecasts indicate that in the coming years wireless M2M communication will become massive, connecting tens of billions devices. Wireless chips have grown in capability and power efficiency, while shrinking in size and cost. Wireless M2M networks are instrumental to manage the complexity of tracking, fleet, and asset management. The industrial sector can widely apply M2M in monitoring and control of processes and equipment. The M2M showcase is the smart grid: the evolved power grid where a rich information flow is used to balance the electricity production (e. g. windmills), distribution, storage, and consumption (e. g. large industrial capacities).

The characteristic of the M2M traffic and performance requirements are very different from the ones defined for the phones, tablets and other human‐driven services that are dominant in wireless cellular networks. For example, the data size for an M2M connection can be rather small, comparable to the size of the signaling overhead, which requires a careful interplay between the protocol design and the transmission parameters. Furthermore, there may be applications that do not require high data rate, but high percentage of delivery of their data chunks.


Thursday, 12 February:

  1. Introduction to wireless M2M communication
  2. Standardization for M2M systems
  3. Traffic models for M2M communication

Friday, 13 February:

  1. 5G wireless: massive access and ultra-reliable communication
  2. Protocols for massive access
  3. Smart Grid communications

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Last updated: 11.2.2015